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Cloud Migration

When it comes to managing your servers and current technology, Cloud is the way to go. Why? Because Cloud services are significantly cheaper, more efficient, and more reliable than your own in-house servers. Capital Expenditures and continuous operating cost of maintaining your own private servers disappear with cloud infrastructure. All but the very largest businesses experience a higher level of service and uptime by placing their compute and storage requirements ‘in the cloud’.

Migrate On Premises

AWS, or Amazon Web Services, offers exceptional Cloud plans and packages that are affordable, efficient, safe, and secure. Velocigo can help you migrate your data and informationdirectly from your own in-house servers over to a highly optimized and cost effective cloud solution with AWS.

Cloud migration is becoming a hot topic in the business world – and interestingly enough, it’s transcending industries. Businesses and organizations all around the world are taking advantage of Cloud computing. If your business isn’t already thinking of moving servers and storage to the cloud, you should be.

Remember, it’s the 21st century – it’s time you adapt your business accordingly. Contact Velocigo today to get started on your cloud migration project.

Cloud Application Deployment

How do you decide where to host your ERP, CRM or custom applications?

Perhaps you own a popular blog – how do you host it?

Are you currently fighting your ERP system and trying to keep it operating?

Tired of pesky internet issues and power outages affecting your business?

Move your applications to AWS. The speed, reliability and cost efficiency will beat on-premises infrastructure — any day.

Self-hosted or Cloud-hosted?

Here at Velocigo, we tell our clients each and every time the issue arises, that Cloud application deployment is the way to go. Cloud application deployment is more affordable, more efficient, and can open your application up to a whole new world of possibilites.

Migrating To AWS

AWS, or Amazon Web Services, offers exceptional cloud hosting packages that offer a more affordable solution for those who host their own applications, websites, and software on their own private servers. In addition, AWS is safe, secure, protected, and trusted. Our certified team of AWS specialists at Velocigo can help you make the jump with a seamless migration process.

At the end of the day, Cloud technology is designed to make our lives easier – so, why not take advantage?

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