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Incident or Breach Response

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Incident or Breach Response


Understand what happened, when, and to what extent. Formulate a complete understanding of the facts and, if necessary, preserve evidence of any crime committed so that law enforcement partners, insurers or 3rd parties can formulate a full understanding after the fact.


Velocigo has the experience to quickly provide a set of post incident options that will give you peace of mind on a path to remediation or recovery.


If requested to do so, Velocigo will work 24/7 to assist in the restoration and remediation of cyber security incidents and breaches. We will use the knowledge gained during Analysis and Alignment phases to quickly bring systems safely back online and operational.


Velocigo will bring your systems back online utilizing cyber security best practices. This ensures that the event that happened before will not likely occur again. Continuous monitoring and remediation of the threat or previous incident will be monitored following a breach.

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