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Websites & Marketing

Velocigo can help you stand out from your competition with services that include custom website design, custom web development, thorough SEO strategies and maintenance, content management, and social networking. Our web design services are built to deliver your business more visibility, more leads, and more customers. We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to determine the goals for your website, ensuring your ideas are incorporated into the final, optimized product. With an experienced and dedicated team of custom web developers by your side, you can trust that Velocigo will transform your online experience so it isn’t just designed for the consumers of today, but also for the consumers of tomorrow.

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One Stop Shop

Custom website design and build, including expertise in website marketing, SEO management, and site speed.


Website updates and maintenance seasonally or upon request, including the upkeep of domain registration and hosting settings.

Social Media

Organic and paid social media content creation and management — Velocigo can help your business generate brand awareness and leads through your social channels.

Web Development

When it comes to your website, nothing is more important than ensuring that it is well-designed, built on the latest web technology, and offers your users an exceptional experience that allows them to accomplish their goals quickly. Allow your users to easily learn more about your business, view examples of your work, book a consultation or appointment, or make a purchase.

Here at Velocigo, our team is more than up to the task of designing and developing your custom website. We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to determine the goals for your website, the primary functions and features that you’d like to see, as well as all of the engaging content that you’d like to showcase to give potential leads and returning customers a taste of what you have to offer. Most importantly, we’ll fully optimize your website to ensure that it offers a seamless user-experience across devices, including PC, tablet, and mobile devices. Our custom website development comes packed with an advanced SEO package to ensure that your website always ranks as a top result on all major search engine queries.

Social Networking

Let our content management and social networking team work with you to determine the appropriate target audience for your specific business. From there, we’ll help you manage your content and ensure that you’re only pushing out content that directly connects with the audiences that you’re trying to target. We’ll help you analyze leads and conversion rates to further optimize your online presence and continue growing your business – all through the digital landscape.

It’s no secret that high-quality visual content is what’s currently driving social media advertising and social networking. Velocigo will help you to push that content to the right audiences to ensure that the people who should be seeing your content, are seeing it where it’s most visible – on social media, on mobile devices, and online.

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