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Internal or External Penetration Testing

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Internal or External Penetration Testing


We will review your penetration testing request and provide a full project charter and scope of work detailing what will be done, by who, when it will be done and how much it will cost. A full security assessment will be performed to understand the technical footprint and outline of the business.


Velocigo will assign a dedicated cybersecurity professional to perform the penetration testing. This engineer will iteratively align with you and your business to make sure that tests are well understood and performed with care and accuracy.


Velocigo will test the internal and/or external vulnerabilities uncovered during the security assessment. We attempt to gain full administrator access, and uncover mis configurations, default configurations, unprotected network devices and more. Our penetration testing is a complete service and is customizable for every client.


Velocigo will provide you recommendations and guidelines on how to correct the most critical elements or issues found in the penetration test. We don’t just test and run – we’ll tell you how to fix it, or help you fix the security problem if you wish.

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