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Zoom Security

Zoom Security

Zoom Security

Flatly… We recommend using something else. Sign up for a short term contract with Cisco’s WebEx. Use AWS Chime. With AWS Chime, you can restrict your data and meeting information from leaving the United States. Like all AWS products, you only pay for the service when you use it. In light of the recent COVID-19 issues, Amazon is offering free usage through June 2020.

With the ever-growing popularity of Zoom, it is important to keep your meetings safe. Zoom has had to make many changes to their security setup over the last few weeks with the continuously growing number of users. They have implemented a ‘Security’ tab to help streamline the process. Use these features at your next meeting for better meeting security.

The country of Taiwan doesn’t allow its officials to use Zoom. No Zoom use at Google. Many companies have outright banned Zoom from use in their organization.

If you must use Zoom, we recommend utilizing Zoom’s newest features and settings, listed below.

1 – Password Required

One of Zoom’s newest safety features is requiring meetings to be password protected. This setting is now enabled by default. We recommend you leave this setting alone. Only those with the specified password will be allowed to enter the meeting.

2 – Host Joins First

The host must join the meeting before it allows others to join. Click here to learn how to enable this feature on your next meeting.

3 – Lock Down Meeting

Once the meeting has begun and all participants have joined simply head over to the “Manage Participants” tab, click “More,” and choose to “lock”. This will prevent any unwanted guests from joining, even if meeting access information has been leaked.

4 – Randomly-Generated ID

Using your personal meeting ID may be an easy way for hackers to join your meetings. Using a randomly-generated code helps keep meetings safe and secure.

5 – Waiting Room

Using the new waiting room feature gives the host the ability to screen participants before allowing them to join. This can be helpful for interviews and office hours. To learn more about when and how to use the waiting room feature click here.


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